Friday, May 2, 2008

We have a Temporary Website!

It's been tough waiting for a website~
Missio Lux doesn't have a central meeting place; a building, so we will need to have a central place of connection so that we don't become too disconnected from one another, especially now that we have started the Missional Community Test Pilot stage.

So, as we have been working towards picking a website developer and host, we've all felt a level of frustration in getting the word out!

The vision for the website is that it will feel like people are stepping into a place of great welcome; a beautiful home with people that hold their arms out in welcome and acceptance.
It's going to invite you in, rather than ask you to come to them.
This is where we can chat, we can inform, we can have indivudal pages for each missional community, we can resourse, we can pod cast, we can do the things that have typically been down in the narthex. I can't wait for all this to happen.

But, in the meantime, we have a temporary website at

Go to it and experience some news, our new 2 1/2 minute DVD showing Missio Lux in action, learn about Seeds of Hope, and view some pictures of experiences that we have already had. Then send it on to others so that we multiply the seeds of our Good News of Jesus!

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