Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Fairy Circle

"Truly, I tell you unless a seed of grain falls to the earth and dies, it remains a single seed.  But, if it dies, it creates a great big harvest."  Jesus, John 12:24

Fairy Circle:  a circle of new trees created from the death of a parent tree
Last week our family went to Armstrong Woods to see a vast forest of giant redwood trees. One of the reasons redwoods can become so tall (some 330 feet) is because their roots systems intertwine underground.  I read about fairy circles in the forest, discovering a fairy circle comes from a parent tree which dies.  In the process it sends out redwood shoots in a circle which result in the birth of many new trees.  As I observed these fairy circles, I sensed the Lord say to me, “This is the picture of what is taking place in Missio Lux. The parent tree must die, but in the process the shoots will thrive and continue to significantly impact my kingdom.”
Missio Lux has created a root system that is deep and wide through the foundation of faith reflected in the people of Missio Lux, as well as the transformational ministry taking place through our lives.  You may be reading this blog because in some way, whether big or small, your life and faith has joined in its root system.

It is with deep sadness, and yet a sense of gratefulness and joy over the many shoots created through Missio Lux’ ministry, that Missio Lux as an organization will cease operation.  However, in the death of the organization, we recognize we have been impacted by the relationships and the sense of family created in Missio Lux. 
Just as we gather to grieve the death of a loved one, and in the midst of the grief, we have joy as we recall the stories.  Please take some time to write your reflection in the comments section of how your life has been impacted by Missio Lux. Together we can celebrate the fairy circle of strong, inpenetrable redwoods God has created within his people.


Kelly Karl said...

This resonates with my soul...the death of one thing brings life to many things. I believe that Missio Lux has planted many seeds not only in my life, but in the lives of many others.

I feel blessed to have been a part of the initial start-up and growth of Missio Lux. God's presence was there through His people that loved Him and the many missions that were created to show His love and glory.

I thank you Tamara for being a mentor to me and to all that were a part of Missio Lux. You poured into me to which I am eternally grateful. My faith grew and was strengthened through many encounters at Missio Lux.

Carra Lee Bolger said...

I am exceedingly grateful to Tamara and her leadership in the creation of the Prayer and Healing Ministry in which I feel vitally conncected and used by God to minister to hurting people around the world; and in particular to those who are seeking help as more and more are doing at the Prayer and Healing services at Pine Lake Covenant Church. Because of Tamara and her training I feel equipped to use the gifts God has given me and called me to do and that is to pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth to heal the sick, to cast out demons and save the lost. Isaiah 61:1-3. So, all I can say is "THANK YOU TAMARA"...
Carra Lee Bolger

Missio Lux said...

Letter to Missio Lux Community

In the bible, there is time to be born and there is time to die.

Missio Lux came to existence for God His purpose, to light up and planted seeds of the future for the world. While, we are mourning the death and celebrating the life of Missio Lux, the important thing to be remembered is the seeds of hope Missio Lux have planted in people not only in South Sudan but also in many different parts of world.

Missio Lux has built me personally as a leader and has planted Seeds of today and tomorrow for the country of South Sudan.

Missio Lux community, stay connected. God has a plan for you; He always has a plan, when His children come together.

Tamara, God has a big vision for you for His people. Never give up, you will bless many people.

Thank you so much Missio Lux community for all of your supports for me and for the Seeds of Hope children at Roots Academy, Kenya. I don’t know what I would have done without your prayers and blessings.

Missio Lux community, like you usually do, keeps praying for me and for the Seeds of Hope kids at Roots Academy. Your prayers are our lifeline.

Roots of Missio Lux will lives forever
Your brother in Christ,
Arok Garang, the leader of Seeds of Hope

Missio Lux said...

Greetings and Love to Tamara and Everyone at Missio Lux!

It is such an honor to think upon and remember the sweet and wonderful memories we have had with each other. It fills me with such joy and gratitude to our Lord Jesus for bringing us all together for such an incredible anointed and appointed time as we had the past few years.

What a partnership and sisterhood it has been and will continue to be in many ways, because of what the Lord planted in our hearts, lives and ministries during our times of sharing and being with one another.

There have been eternal seeds planted through Missio Lux into Living Free Ministries, especially with our common bond and mission of bringing the Healing Message of Christ as Healer to many, many broken and hurting people. And still, the Lord is bringing forth a harvest NOW and will continue to bring forth great fruit because our hearts have been knitted together, and we have learned from one another, and our minds of one accord.

I praise Him for each and every one of you, as does our entire team!

I have great joy at the thought of you and our sweet times of fellowship together, and being recipients of your beautiful hospitality to each of us that have come to Seattle. You welcomed us with the open arms of Christ and loved each of us with His love. You shared the message of His heart and desire to establish missional communities and gave us an example to follow.

Missio Lux helped our ministry to have a better understanding of how to help others within our ministry to follow their passion that God has placed in their lives so that His His kingdom glory and purpose would be fulfilled on the earth.

Thank you Missio Lux, and thank you Tamara for being such a key leader, mentor to me and teacher to my team in areas of healing, prophecy, love and identity that we needed to have fresh and new growth in. We praise God for your leadership , love and care for each of us, and I , especially Tamara will always be eternally grateful to you.

Thank you for listening to the Lord and including Living Free to be in partnership and family with Missio Lux during the past 4 years since its inception 2008.

Living Free Ministries has loved you, prayed for you and embraced you as our dear brothers and sisters in Christ having been in kingdom partnership together! What a joy and privilege to serve our living God together in such precious ways. We are forever changed to be more like Him for having been with you!

Thank you to everyone in Missio Lux. Please know that we will continue to pray for you as the Lord leads us. We will always remember you in our hearts and the wonderful and eternal work that Lord has done in us individually and corporately,, because of having shared this amazing journey with you these past 4 years!

May the Holy Spirit guide you, direct you in the future steps of your lives. Wherever you land for the next season He has for you, May Jesus' life be your way of life, and His perfect love for you be received by you...His grace and truth be poured out through you to people both near and far. Enjoy the ride with Him, And if we don't see you again here on earth, we will share stories over continual feasts and lattes in heaven!

With great love and joy for each of you,

Terri Parzybok and Living Free Ministries Team

Missio Lux said...

We’ve been Blessed

It’s not every day that an organization has open arms and is available for support like the way Missio Lux was for both myself and my wife, Sarah Jane.

Our experience began while we lived in South Korea. We had a strong community of believers there and we were looking for a covering from a church where we would have accountability. We received more than just accountability, as their vision was to also give us tools and support so that we might succeed. The tools came in the form of teaching from Scot, one of the ML leaders in Seattle and the support came from prayer as we were constantly told that our group was being prayed for.

Though the relationship between our group in South Korea and Missiolux eventually faded, knowing that ML had the desire to see the Kingdom grow in South Korea through our community was incredible to witness.

Following our experience in South Korea, my wife and I moved to Vancouver. Soon after our move, Missiolux invited me to be a part of their team which was attending the 3DM Learning Community. Even though we were not ready to commit to having a ML community in Vancouver, they still wanted me to experience the learning community and to grow my faith and knowledge in discipleship. Again, it showed the flexibility and the unselfish attitude of Missio Lux. The experience at Learning Community was rich and beyond the fun that we had learning and growing together, we were encouraged in the other Churches’ journeys of faith. No one community had it all together. No one had all the answers. Everyone had the desire to be more faithful and to grow the Kingdom on earth.

That is our prayer for ML in a time of transition. The name that we, as believers, operate under does not matter in the end. What matters is that we are being faithful. That we are building disciples and that our lives reflect that of Christ’s so that the people we meet will see Him through our actions.

Be Blessed,

Reuben Zuidhof