Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Scot and Kim and the Apartment

Trying to find an apartment in Seattle has been a frustrating experience for Scot and Kim. They've been nomads for almsot 3 months now and Kim is really ready to get settled in one place.

So, after many false starts and lots of disappointments,Scot and Kim found an apartment they really liked but it it was expensive and didn't take pets (they have a 5 lb. dog that now plays with our 100 lb. Bernise Mtn. dog).

The woman that they applied to tried to get a hold of me as a reference but I didn't get the message so she googled me instead. When she googled me, the blog came up and guess what popped right up: Scot and Kim Come to Seattle!

She was able to read about them, research Missio Lux and find out more about their Aunt, me!

The amazing thing is the timing: I wrote that blog about Scot and Kim 30 minutes before she read it. Kim even came in and said, "Let's have dinner" and I replied, "I have one more thing to do first." It was to write the blog.

It turns out that the woman who had the apartment is a Christian, they do mission work in Africa, and she is very missional in her thinking.

God used this divine coincidence to reinforce to Scot and Kim that they are indeed meant to be in Seattle, that he has big plans for them with Missio Lux and that he is working all of it for his good and on their behalf.

This is a signpost that God put in their path. What sign posts do you have in your walk with Jesus? They can be the reminders when things get tough that all is well because Jesus has our backs covered.

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