Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hoops of Hope Happenings!

Friday we held the second annual Hoops of Hope Event at Pine Lake Middle School in Sammamish, WA!  This event was held to raise funds for Seeds of Hope:  our missio  whose mission is to build people who can build a village.

Sudanese Lost Boy and Leader for Seeds of Hope:  Arok Garang
Our 35 Sudanese orphans have seeds of hope planted in them every day as they get a much coveted and necessary education to take them out of a life of hopeless poverty into a life of prosperity and rebuilding.  Our dream is to see each one of them return to their village of Paliau, in Southern Sudan, where they will become the leaders of the community, becoming teachers, doctors and nurses, and governmental leaders.

Hoops was fun:  we had a halftime show with two basketball stars:  Swen Nater:  pro for LA Lakers and UCLA, and a much shorter 6th grader, Jordan McCabe, who has been on several television shows, many pro half time shows, and even the news.  But, his parents told us that they were more thrillled for Jordan to be invited to be part of Hoops, as they desire to make a difference with his supernatural basketball ability!

Pro Swen Nater and Jordan McCabe compete!

Hoops of Hope Team
Basketball Star:  Jordan McCabe

Thanks to everyone who made a difference through volunteering, fund raising, and donating! 

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