Monday, January 18, 2010

Celebrate Recovery Celebrates 2 year Anniversary Tonight

I do so love a party, and tonight was a big one at Missio Lux/Pine Lake's Celebrate Recovery as exactly two years ago today, on Martin Luther King Day, Celebrate Recovery was birthed. We chose Martin Luther King Day because freedom is what he stood for; and freedom is the pursuit of Celebrate Recovery.

CR was birthed out of a dream for people across the Eastside of Seattle to have a place to heal from their hurts, bad habits and hangups that keep them from enjoying the abundant life that Jesus invites his followers to live with him.

It was birthed out a desire for everyone to feel safe and loved and known.

It was birthed out of a team of people that had been radically transformed through their Christian 12 step recovery and wanted to give back to their faith and life community.

Tonight as I stepped into the BBQ, which happens every week, I saw tables full of people who were enjoying friendships of people that were real and didn't have to maintain any false sense of image.

I felt the warmth and love in the room as I saw people whose lives tell a story of heartache, followed by healing.

I felt the excitement for continued growth, both in depth and numbers, as Celebrate Recovery grows through people wanting what they see in the lives of those who commit themselves to walk the process.

The Rag Band, a team of 5 committed musicians, come every single week and play out of their love for Jesus and for recovery. Jay, the leader of the band, is committed to daily walking out the 12 steps as he has experienced a life of freedom from his past bondage. He writes songs and declares his love for Jesus and for freedom in everything he sings. They are the most amazing gift as they thank CR for "letting them come and play!"

The final celebration for tonight is the reality that a kingdom partnership is working with both Missio Lux and it' parent church: Pine Lake Covenant coming together to support, equip and testify to the lifechanging ministry of Celebrate Recovery!

(Celebrate Recovery meets Monday evenings at Pine Lake Covenant in Sammamish, WA 98075 at 6 p.m for dinner and 7 pm for open meeting)

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