Saturday, January 19, 2008

Share Your Dreams

God plants dream inside of all of us; they are wonderful dreams that He will bring forward as long as we are asking, waiting, fanning the dream into action.

Missio Lux is at the point where the dreams are so invaluable for our next step as a Build Team. As we share our dreams together, the dreams will deepen and become even more real and tangible.

What are your dreams?
for Missio Lux?
for ways to leave a lasting imprint in our community or world?
for yourself and your family?

Thanks for sharing! For all the readers who aren't part of the Build Team, leave your dreams, they may become part of what God will bring forward through Missio Lux!


ab-age9 said...

My dream is that there would be:
#1.A kids' choir.
#2.Kids' acting.
#3.More cookies.

BB-AgeNine said...

A church Jesus would want to come to.
Kids wave palm branches on palmsunday.
Chocolate Coconut Donuts.
Be like River47.
Learn things about God that I don't already know.
Bikes for homeless people so they can get around and come to MissioLux.

Dave said...

My dream church is a church where there is an obvious deep authentic love for Christ and the lost; a church body that is observant to the community's needs around them and is eager to sacrificially meet those needs; a church body that is tenacious in its mission, not deterred by inevitable roadblocks but that will persevere, expectant that God will take care of the problems; a church body which is known for strong discipleship, where godly men and women are reproducing their Spirit filled lives in others; a church body whose vision is not confined by visible resources but will step out in faith and depend on God's leading; a church body where deep deep friendships are craved and cultivated but are open to new people so that a "club" atmosphere is never perceived; a church body where the members have conversations that matter. Those are some of the attributes of my dream church.

HelenAnne said...

There are so many needs. I could get excited about a lot of things.
Children kidnapped or sold into sexual service or war service or labor in manufacturing is about the most heartbreaking thing I hear about. Missing or lost or abused children in any number of contexts. How do we make sure that the goods we buy are not touched by child labor. Lots of ways to go with that. Supporting fair trade. Poverty is a root.
Also, women sold into sexual service. Poverty is a root.
Am interested in reaching out to women who choose or are forced into prostitution.
Am interested in recovery and deliverance for women who have had abortions.

Laura said...

My dream has to do with the Healing Prayer part of Missio Lux.
People need to know that God's Word is really true, that He has supernatural laws, that He still heals today, that it is His will for people to be healed and how they can pray effectively for themselves or others to be healed. They need to know His Word concerning healing.
Three possible ideas:
1. A weekly bible study class (maybe called "Healing Is For Today")that thoroughly teaches God's Word concerning healing.
2. A class that starts an hour before the healing prayer services (that people have the option of coming to) so they get filled with God's Word concerning healing before the service starts.
3. For there to be more preaching and teaching on the healing scriptures during the Healing Prayer Service.

alex said...

my dream is to circumnavigate the globe

my dream for missio lux is that it would restore the church to her place in the world where she is culturaly relevant and a source of culture. it will be raw relevent and new.

Tamara Buchan said...

HI Britta and Anika,

My dream for Missio Lux is for children to know that they matter. Jesus told us that we need to become like children to find the Kingdom of God. Will you help us adults to do that?

Tamara Buchan said...

Hi Helen,

I am so moved by your dreams. I have many of the same dreams myself. Justice is about getting to the root of what causes symptoms of things like poverty, oppression and slavery. Let's explore how to learn more. Do you know about International Justice Mission?

Tamara Buchan said...

HI Dave,

Your dream increases my dream. I love the wholistic way that you are thinking; I will be looking forward to your sharing at the Build Team.

4gordon said...

Well,my dream church is for people to be able to experience Gods love through people showing Gods love. For us to be listening to the Holy Spirit all day long in our lives. I also see God working through providing specific places for people to go who need prayer and healing. These are safe places that once people experience them and realize they are safe, they come back to them. I am speaking of Healing Prayer and Celebrate Recovery. These seem important components because they allow for support and prayer in a group setting, with a common purpose.I can only speak for myself, but I absolutely need that regularly! I can see God providing all that has been needed for this Missio Lux church to come to life. Through prayer and willingness to leap out in faith God has called people and given them passion and vision through their own life experience. We can then share that with others in a genuine,real, way. I am so very excited about this and will continue to share it with whoever will listen. I thank those who have gone before us and I pray for Gods will in all our lives as we move forward with this opportunity to be Jesus hands and feet to our community and the world. Blessings, Betsy

Tamara Buchan said...

Hi Laura,

It is fun to dream about what God can do through healing prayer. I love your passion for the Word of God. Keep praying for those opportunities to open up....

Tamara Buchan said...

Hey Betsy,

Thanks for sharing your dream. You dream is Jesus' dream and he is bringing it to pass today, just as he did 2000 years ago. Wait to see what I write about CR.....

Tamara Buchan said...

Hey Betsy,

Thanks for sharing your dream. You dream is Jesus' dream and he is bringing it to pass today, just as he did 2000 years ago. Wait to see what I write about CR.....

Anonymous said...

My dream church is one that is authentic and real where questioning and doubting as individuals explore faith in Jesus is an accepted and expected part of the process. Where each individual and the group as a whole is encouraged to keep stretching towards truth with open hearts, minds and souls with out focus of setting people right or wrong, but trusting God will do the work of changing us if we stay in the process of seeking.

It is only where there is true acceptance right where we are in all our messy mistaken beliefs and behaviors that the true unconditional Love of God filters in and brings down our walls and barriers that keep us locked inside. That kind of love coming from others who are just as human yet walking focused allows for the cracks in those walls that let truth seep in. Then watch what God does.

I believe a dream church is not one that focuses on towing the line or keeping the law, but one that focuses on love and acceptance while modeling openly our own brokeness and oneness with Jesus as we walk straighter and straighter with him as we reach outward in our care.

I know for me it was only being around authentic women who where fully human yet passionately stretching into their faith that made it safe for me to set suspend my disbeliefs and begin to discover for myself what was so obviously solidly real for them. Only with that experience did my walls of christian stereotypes that kept me from growing in my Christian faith begin to crumble. Not once did these women ask me to say "the prayer" or tell me I was wrong in my unbeliefs or doubting. They made room beside them to study with them in open discussion and acceptance. Only then did I let down my guard. God slipped inside my barriers and did His work. That is what a church should be. Allowing God to be the master of the work and the judge.

I believe a dream church is one that shows their faith by stepping out to serve the world around them both near and far. That God has designed us for serving in unique ways and we are not called to do it all. The dream church would help us discover, grow and step out into that design. I also believe it is one that helps each other not become lost in the serving and doing. So task focused that they forget to spend time in stillness and connection with God and each other. One that encourages play, study, tasks both mundane and huge in balance. Just as Jesus did. Especially here in the USA where everyone is moving on treadmills so focused on doing and "accomplishing". To show the steady unhurried pace that Jesus set is important. To redefine success and accomplishment completely is critical if we are to truly be the changed person. Sometimes the biggest accomplishment we are called to make in a day is to sit still and talk with Jesus is this seen as an accomplishment in our country? Other days we are set to other more tangible accomplishments to help push the mountains He calls us to push and He then moves. My dream church would help me and my famly redefine success and accomplishment while resisting the worlds definitions that surround us so tightly.

A dream church is one sized to foster and maintain real relationships between all memebers. Being known and cared about sharing laughter, tears,time and joy together without excluding any famliy memeber or any person knocking at the door. Where we all make space in our lives to be in relationship.

I guess to me a dream church is like a warm home with a strong steady heart beat and doors always open. Where you are safe, fed and encouraged. Where truth both easy and hard is spoken with tender love. Where there is so much love it flows outward to all those surrounding it. A home with eyes focused outward in the present, while also tending to the hearth that keeps that heart beat strong and vibrant. Evolving with the foundation steadily rooted in God's soil.

Tamara Buchan said...

Hi Anonymous,

I can tell that you have been dreaming of what church can be for a long time. I hope that you have experienced much of what you wrote. There is so much that I just say, YES, to: but it feels like it boils down to a desire for God and truth combined with an unconditional acceptance and grace that continues to draw us toward Jesus and to each other, while we live out the unqiue places that God planted in each one of us.

KellyO said...

My dream church is
...a church made up of authentic people
...a church where masks are not needed
...a church where people can come no matter what they have done or what has been done to them
...a church that meets people where they are
...a church that is based on relationship especially a relationship with Christ
...a church for nurturing and healing
...a church for recovery
...a church for restoration of souls
...a church for affirmation and validation
...a church for transformation
...a church for equipping and sending out
...a church for unconditional love
...a church for seeking God and His will
...a church for prayer
...a church that sees people as God sees them
...a church that is similar to what I imagine heaven to be
...a church that I can call home.