Saturday, May 31, 2008

Missio Weekend~Carry 5

This weekend Missio Lux is participating in four ways to shine the light of Jesus with others. Today one of the opportunities was to do a walk with Water First called Carry 5.

The goal was to raise awareness of the need for wells all around the world, and to bring people together to walk with a 5k with 5 gallon jugs of water on their backs.

Missio Lux had several families participate, all with daughters, who if they lived in other places in the world would most likely be walking up to 16 miles a day to fetch water and carry it home on their backs or their heads. As I struggled with the very heavy water container on my back, I let my mind and my heart think about and pray for those young girls or pregnant women or elderly women who have very little to look forward to other than their daily trek to get water. Most often the water is dirty; with feces and carcuses of animals, sometimes the water is even where people relieve themselves.

I was proud of Missio Lux today. Two of the elementary age girls, Britta and Madison, saw the video on Water First and were so inspired that they went door to door and called friends and relatives to ask them to contribute. They developed a real sense of ownership with their missio. This will help develop lifetime hearts of compassion for people who don't even have access to the basic necessities of life.

Missio Lux hopes to raise enough to pay for one well: $5,000. One well will dramatically change a villages life, as well as the individual girls lives.

The reason that they named the walk Carry 5 is many. Girls often start carrying water at age 5, the usual container holds 5 gallons of water, the typical walk to get the water is 5 miles, the average cost to give a child water for life is $50, and the cost of a well for one village is $5,000.

Take out your wallet. Do you have $5, or $50 to give to change a young girls life? If so, email me at and let's add to our fund to dig a well!

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