Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Food Crisis

A few days ago, the front page of the Seattle Times ran an article about the global food crisis. They state "A 'silent tsunami' of hunger is sweeping the world's most desperate nations." It seems that the sky rocketing price of fuel and unpredictable weather, along with increased demands from China and India are sparking protests in other places. Rice, a staple food, for much of the world has risen 83% in 3 years.

Did you read this article? or, did your eyes blur over because every day we become aware of yet another crisis somewhere in the world?

I made a decision after I went on a globalization in seminary that I would commit to read every article that involved the poor. I did this because I was like so many Americans, not allowing the rest of the world's pain to touch me. Now, I want to feel the pain because Jesus cares about the poor. He calls us to care about them too.

It's easy to think "what can we do from here?" That's right. Most likely, we won't solve the whole issue of hunger. But, we can take steps to become informed about the truth and then to take time to pray. After reading the article about the food situation, I took a moment and prayed that God would work in the situation. I also asked him to keep tenderizing my heart, so I would care about the people that he cares about.

Will you journey with me on taking these simple steps so Missio Lux becomes known as people who take poverty seriously and do something about it?

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Anonymous said...

I did read the article and also the news items that I receive from World Vision. We all need to be helping to feed the hungry both here at home and around the world.