Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Missional Communities, Part 4

I was privileged to be with the Test Pilot Missional Community for Families with Young Children. I looked around at each family and I was grateful that they understand that one of the greatest joys in life is helping our children form spiritually. I was moved by their desire to make memories with their children, rather than just drive them from activity to activity.

I think that in many ways we have made spiritual formation of our children a mysterious event that it takes an expert to accomplish. This is a lie. We know our children better than anyone else and as we take time to listen to God for our children we have the awesome privilege to help move them towards his path for their lives. We get to help discover those dreams that God has planted within them and to begin to point them towards exposure, training and development of them.

Our daughter Bonnie has 3 passions: mothers and babies, the poor and disenfranchised, and other cultures. She is currently in Guatemala training with YWAM. Her next step will be to go to Austrailia to be trained as a midwife for 3rd world countries.

When she was a baby, I was rocking her to sleep and I heard the Lord ask me to give her back to him. I naively said "of course Lord" without understanding what that question really meant. To give Bonnie back to the Lord means to intentionally help her walk in her passions which means that 99.9% she won't live next door to Bill and I through out her life. This is a sacrifice for us, but it will also be a joy as we watch her thrive in living out her God-given dreams.

My prayer for each family that takes the step to join a Family Community is that they will have the privilege of watching their children step into their dreams and fly with them, rather than watching them struggle because they are on a different path than God ever intended for them to live.

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