Saturday, May 3, 2008

Seeds of Hope

Our African project for getting kids from Sudan to boarding school is moving forward.

We named it "Seeds of Hope" which is a great name because every one who is educated is helping seed hope in Sudan. Their only hope of a different life is through education. Because life in Sudan is basically unsafe, to be at a boarding school in another country where the students are fed, housed, and educated makes life bearable. This is in contrast to the overriding despair that has dominated Sudan since 1987 when the "Lost Boys of Sudan" became a reality.

Missio Lux has the unique privilege to help these kids go to school. We believe that by educating the children, they can return to their country and offer solutions to see a country transformed.

It's a big vision, our first global Missio~

May 1st, 11 students started school in Nukuru, Kenya. Some of their names are: Panther
David, Samual, Amour, Deng, Jacob, John, Isaiah and the only girl is Adhieu.

Many have asked us why so few girls go to school. We asked our Sudanese brother John the same thing. His answer: "Girls don't go to school in Sudan." We want to change that and open wide the door to opportunity for girls, as well as boys, to get educated so that they have seeds of hope for a different life.

Eleven lives are being transformed while we read this blog. We have dreams of 19 more to start**; and after that to open the door wide so that we see hundreds of children in Sudan educated so they will then seed hope into their devastated country.

**30 kids is the first goal because they are the identified children from our Sudanese brother John Kher's village.

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