Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sunday Morning 9:00 a.m.

I've been having the best times on Sunday mornings. After so many years of spending Sunday mornings in a church building, I am discovering how worshipful it can be outside the building. This week I was spending time with Jesus outside on my deck and a young man from Korea that ended up staying with us came outside and asked me an innocent question: "Aren't you a pastor? Shouldn't you be at church now?"

I was able to tell him about Missio Lux, but even greater I told him the Gospel story! He said that he had never heard it before. His openness was palpable. I had the sense when I was talking to him that he had fertile soil in his spirit and the seeds were just dropping right in.

I didn't lead him to follow Jesus that morning, but I knew that my greatest act of worship that day was to give him the good news that Jesus loves him, that he came to earth to know him, that he was willing to die so that he could have a relationship with him, and that he was pursuing knowing him.

I wonder what will happen next Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m!

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Matt said...

Very cool. Ten years ago or so, I remember learning about a church in the Seattle area (I have no idea now what it was called) that intentionally met for worship on Sunday only three weeks out of the month. The fourth Sunday they spent "being present in their communities." I remember that my first reaction was, "What a bunch of slackers. They just want to sleep in."
Now I think of the opportunities to engage people who won't go in the doors of a church and who we may not have a chance to meet otherwise.
Certainly we need to worship together as the people of God. But certainly we also have freedom on what that should look like, how and when we get together...