Wednesday, May 14, 2008

9:00 a.m. Sunday morning

I always felt uncomfortable driving out of my neighborhood on Sunday morning as I saw all my neighbors outside doing yardwork, talking to one another and basically experiencing neighborhood friendship. I always felt like I was missing the most prime opportunity to "join in" in the friendship.

Recently that changed. I met a woman that I am befriending at Starbucks at 9 a.m. Sunday morning. Our missional communities meet on Sunday afternoon so this is now a free hour in my life.

When our conversation ended, I felt like I had worshipped like never before. I was able to be with someone that Jesus misses desperately, listening to her, encouraging her and opening up to her about how following Jesus has changed my life.

She's still very leary of church. She's leary of Christians. She's been hurt before and so she stands on the outside looking in. But, now I can stand outside with her, and as we do that, I realize what a privilege it is.

Jesus chose to stand outside too. The very first miracle recorded after the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew is when Jesus healed the leper. He knew when he reached out and touched the leper that he was choosing to be on the outside. Jesus became unclean when he made that intentional decision to touch him. He had a huge ministry awaiting him, but he chose the path of the individual and compassion, rather than the fame and the big crowds.

I am really moved by that action. It seems the epitomy of the Gospel to me. Jesus reaching out to touch us in all our messiness, our pain, our suffering, our ugliness. He chose to live with us there instead of living the life of the religious establishment.

Missio Lux has the dream to first experience and then offer freedom and hope to everyone. Who is the person that Jesus is showing you to start with today? May your touch feel just like Jesus' touch~may it heal those that receive it.

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