Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stories of True Experiences at Occidental Square, Seattle

As more of the project coordinator of the day, my two kids and I were more of "floaters" after they so diligently gave of their time and energy to help with setup that morning. Once that was accomplished we were the three musketeers out to make a difference as best we could.

On our journey my children and I made three wonderful connections, one of laughter, provisions and friendship.

We sat down with a table of spirited men, Rudy, Chico and a few others. They chatted openly about their appreciation of the yummy ham, they were so happily eating and asked if I made the food and if so, could they move in with us:) I of course, had them all chuckling as my daughter immediately jumped on that letting them know mommy does not love to cook, but thank you for the complement:) I continued to share a story with Rudy about how I had a special cat at home named Rudy and how we came to select his name last Christmas. He was taken back by the story and I could tell we immediately bonded with this young man. He was so pleased! The kids and I did not want to go, yet we had to make room for the other guests!

Next, we met two gentleman who approached me about the fruit and cookies from Trader Joes. They are filmmakers who come each Sunday to drop off fruit, snacks, and all kinds of treats at the square. What a blessing! Given our big celebration, they didn't want to intrude on that Sunday, so Cortney and I made a decision to take the fruit and cookies thinking those items would be perfect to give away after the celebration. As God would only know, we ran out of cake, and the Snowman cookies were exactly what was needed to complete our dessert after all. He does provide, and he knows exactly what we need. That was so comforting to me. Everyone got what they needed and more. His work happens right before our eyes... Sometimes the little things are the big things....

Friendship, I met a gal, who had lost her husband not too long before, she was such a kind woman. Loving and full of sweetness. I could both see and feel the sorrow in her eyes, they looked like green marbles. Someone you want to love, hold and take care. Someone I will never forget, and someone whom I will pray for and think about everyday.

I was also reminded that it's the people I see everyday that need love and support as well! I am thankful for everyone who helped out! written by Jackie

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