Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Huddle Dinner

Once a month, I gather those that I huddle and their families for dinner! We gather just to have fun, eat together, get to know one another beyond our interaction at huddle and to include our families. We come together to recognize how God is working in our lives and communities as well as to pray for another. We didn't want to quit this month, God is doing so much in our lives so there are many stories to tell and breakthroughs to celebrate.

This month, we prayed for Scot who just received the big invitation to go to the One Institute in June. www.theoneinstitute.com

The One Institute seeks to bring young entreprenarial leaders together in an atmosphere of growth and challenge to help develop them into world leaders.

Scot is just 27 years old and yet he has developed and is running two international businesses, along with his partner Reuben: Adventure Teaching: www.adventureteaching.com and The Arrival Store: www.thearrivalstore.com.

Adventure Teaching came out of their experience of becoming teachers in South Korea. Scot was asked by a couple of his friends to find them a job in Asia too, so Scot's wheels began to turn and before you knew it: they had a business of recruiting teachers from the US and Canada to come to South Korea to teach English.

The Arrival Store came out of another basic need: getting set up in a foreign country with the basic necessities of life: a cell phone, power cord, sheets for the beds, comfort food! Before you knew it; the Arrival Store became a reality.

But, Scot isn't just a business entrepreneur, he is a front runner in terms of his faith for his generation. Scot takes seriously Jesus' call to spend time together and to pattern his life after his. Scot leads our community into deeper worship often as he shares the pictures that the Lord gives him for one another as well as Missio Lux.

That's why it was a gift to see most of the men, themselves high level business men, laying hands on Scot the other night, praying for God's blessing and protection over Scot, as well as for the doors of opportunity to open wide.

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