Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kingdom Partnerships: Bread of LIfe Mission

Thursday night I got a call from an employee at the Bread of Life Mission. They had just seen our flyer about Easter at Occidental Square that day and realized that we were both throwing a party at the same time, same day and almost same location!

Many organizations would have just said, "Oh well, that's too bad," but Bread of Life Mission responded in a kingdom way. They called Missio Lux to see how we could partner together for the day instead of competing against one another.

We set up a conference call for the very next day. When we spoke, without being asked, Bread of Life Mission fully laid down their plans to support Missio Lux' plans. They recognized the work that we had done at Occidental Square before and wanted to bless us this Easter.

They went the extra mile by not only cancelling their event so their men could attend ours, but offered to let us use the rest rooms in their building (always a challenge to find a restroom), borrow their chairs and even make us a jello salad for the day.

I knew in that conversation that the relationship between Missio Lux and Bread of Life Mission will continue to grow and flourish because we have mutual respect for one another and the work that we are doing; we have the same desires: for people to know Jesus loves them through action, and we have enjoyed partnering together in the past.

They invited Missio Lux to join them for another Celebration on Memorial Day. They are going to honor homeless veterans with a big BBQ and party. I would love to be there....who knows what God is going to do next?

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