Thursday, April 15, 2010

More True Stories of Easter at Occidental Square in Seattle

From Joshua:
I had many amazing experiences that day, but the 'best' one was when God worked through my mother and I to lead someone personally to the LORD. His name is Jeff and he is 28 and was just released from 3 years in prison.

When the group was preparing for the service at Occidental Square and they had the chairs facing the 'stage', my mother saw him and began speaking with him. I then said that I liked his shirt (which was plaid lime-green and white). As we spoke, we told us how he was released from prison the day before (Saturday, 3 April). My mom asked, "Are you a believer?"

"No," he responded, "But my grandma was; she always went to church. I lived with her when I was 13 and I really loved her.

He then proceeded to show us that he was accepted into a school in order to learn how to be a professional deep-sea diver. The music began, and so did the service, so I didn't talk to him and I didn't think anything else of it at the time. Then, as we were about to leave (about an hour and a half later), my mom said, "I want you to pray for Jeff." My mother had been talking to Jeff and sensed that he was wanting to give his life to the Lord. She said to him, "Jeff, I believe this is your today to receive the LORD."

"Yes. I do too," he responded. My mom then went and found me and brought me to pray for him.

So then I led him in a prayer of repentance to Jesus Christ, and that He would come into Jeff's life and transform him by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was amazing! He was so eager and innocent in his prayer! Then, we continued talking to him for about an hour, just to encourage him in his new faith and life.

It was one of the most amazing experiences that I have had! To be able to preach the love and salvation of Jesus Christ and then to see someone personally respond and begin a new life in Christ. So cool!!

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