Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Healing Prayer Worship Service Testimonies

Last night was our monthly healing prayer worship service for Missio Lux. We do this as a resource to our community; to give people a space to worship God in a contemplative setting as well as to pray for any area of need for healing: physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, if it's an "al" we will pray!
We start out by worshiping God for who he is: for his character of love and forgiveness and peace. We speak testimonies of how God has healed us:
This week Judy spoke about how she experienced a touch from Jesus, she was in a crowd and thought she felt the hand of another person on her back and when she opened her eyes, there was no one within several feet of her. She recognized it as the hand of Jesus and fell to her knees in worship. She says she feels very different after this touch.
Anne came to the healing prayer training earlier this year and was planning to have a surgery because she had cancerous cells. She was literally hooked up to the IV yesterday as she waited to have the operation, but the Dr. came in and told her that the biopsy from the previous day came out totally clear, so he cancelled the surgery.
Another couple were sick with pneomonia for nearly two months when they received prayer for physical healing and by the next morning they were totally healed and playing tennis right away!
Cecelia came with a testimony of a completely healed knee from prayer from last month's worship service. She said it hurt a bit more for the next day or so and then the pain completely left.
These are just a few of the amazing testimonies that continue to be shared because Jesus is the Healer and he has been sharing his healing power pretty regularly lately.
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