Friday, April 9, 2010

The Kingdom of God Comes to Earth at Occidental Square

Myself and Dreamer at Occidental Square

Some people wonder why Missio Lux would choose to go to all the work to prepare a meal, haul tables, stoves and coffee pots, as well as massive numbers of chairs to a concrete park on Easter day when we could be celebrating in a church building with all the trimmings of a great Easter Celebration.

This is why: his name is Dreamer. He lives a life full of anxiety. He is homeless and is never at peace. But, he told me his story about his day on Easter. He said that he was having a day of extreme aggitation on Sunday, but the moment that he stepped on the Square, he was filled with peace --and he enjoyed an Easter meal, celebration and community in a place of rest, free from the anxiety and aggitation that normally plagues him every day.

It's so Jesus to give us gifts like he gave to Dreamer. He filled the entire Occidental Square with his presence. In fact, it's the main reason that we go to Occidental Square. We believe that by showing up, by bringing our physical presence to different places, we are releasing Jesus'presence into whole atmospheres.

Dreamer confirmed it. Many others did too. Next year we've already decided that we are going to be the listeners to many of the giants of faith that are disguised as homeless and poor. We have so much to learn from their lives walked out in a moment to moment faith as they see Jesus provide big and small miracles each and every day.

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