Sunday, April 18, 2010

More True Stories of Easter at Occidental Square in Seattle

From Dena Nichols:
It has been a pleasure to read the stories What a terrific way to see the bigger picture of God's work on Resurrection Day.

Most of my time was spent praying "on the wall". During this time, I was able to see a group of people gathered at a far corner of the square. It was a privilege to see this community of homeless people connect, care for each other, and just hang out.

I was drawn to one older man who sat on a bench and didn't move or talk very much. I wondered if he was sick and I sensed his emotional wounds had robbed him of much in this life.

A fellow homeless woman pulled out and gave him a wrapped sandwich out of her sack of collected food. She was like a gentle mom watching out for him. It was so touching. Physically, she had one side of her face swollen and out of alignment. By the world's standards she would not be considered beautiful. But in reality, she radiated inner beauty-the truest form of beauty. Her smile was full of kindness and compassion. Christ's beauty and love flowed out of her.

Later, as things were wrapping up, I was able to take the Trader Joe's sugar cookies and hand out little bags to the people that had gathered in that corner. They were so delighted to receive this extra dessert and it was so fun to give them. I think about Jackie's story of the film people donating the fruit and cookies. Cool to see how God weaves everything together. My favorite part was giving this older man on the bench a bag of cookies. He nodded his head in thanks and a glimmer of a smile passed over his lips. I smiled and we were able to make eye contact.

His kind and weary eyes are held in my memory of that day and I keep him in my prayers.

God is good!

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