Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kingdom Breakthroughs

Tonight at huddle (our leadership equipping structure) I asked the question, "Where have you seen kingdom break through in your life?"

I am still celebrating the answers.

One woman told the story of being in a store where an older woman was desiring a comfortable pair of shoes but the price of them was way beyond her. The Missio Lux woman walked up to her and handed her $50 for the shoes, and tried to walk away. However, the woman asked her name and told her that her name was Sue. When the Missio Lux woman came back to the store a few weeks later, the clerk checking her out recognized her name, and said that the woman who received the shoes was shaking so hard that she could barely pay for them. Everyone around her cried because of the generosity of an unknown woman! A ripple started.

Another man told of being in a hotel in Colorado Springs and running into a young Hispanic man, his people group passion. It turns out that this young man knew his sister, who has since died, as a child. The man was able to speak into this young man's life about the amazing impact he could make if he stewards his life well. The young man was so touched that he sent the Missio Lux man a hand written, mailed, letter thanking him. A ripple started.

Another woman told of being called to help Young Life start in her son's school. She almost wept as she told of sitting in the school's lobby talking about Jesus with other Jesus followers who are concerned about the youth in their area. A ripple started.

Another woman told of taking a walk with a friend who had a Jewish friend with her. The Jewish friend spent the entire walk asking questions about the friend was so happy to share with her God's overflowing love for her. A seed planted.

Another man told of hosting "Soup Night" in their home every Thursday night for their neighbors. Neighbors who have never met are now befriending one another in their home. This idea is so simple and so impactful that another Missio Lux family is now seeking to start Soup Night in their home. Ripples moving outward.

I could write more but you get the idea. All these stories follow our Healing Prayer Worship Service last night where many came, hungry for contemplative worship that makes space for God, and seeking a touch of healing from Jesus. No one wanted to leave last night; we finally closed it up at 10 p.m.

I am pinching myself; how can I be so lucky as to partner with these amazing kingdom minded people who are seeking to follow Jesus in a lifestyle of Kingdom!


Laurie said...

I liked this question!! I blogged about it and its relationship to I Corinthians 3 -

Jim Martin said...

Very, very good post. Encouraging. Good to hear what God is doing through these people. Thanks for posting this.