Thursday, October 1, 2009

Climb for Captives Celebrates with a Concert

Friday night I joined others that came together to celebrate what has taken place with Climb for Captives. We were thoroughly informed and entertained with a combination of interesting talks, bands, and a video of the climb.

What makes 10 men, most in their 20's, decide to dedicate a summit to Mt. Raineer to woman in Thailand that they have never met?

It is God's heart beating in them. They took an area of passion and skill, mountain climbing (I will need to support human trafficking a different way than mountain climbing!) and instead of doing it just for their own adventure and pleasure, they tapped into God's heart, discovering how he wanted to move in them.

This is the Missio Lux vision. We tap into our passions and discover how God wants to use them. Our passions are as varied as creation, but they all come from the same place. It's God working in us to combine pleasure and impact to bring forth a life of meaning.

The climbers didn't just stop with the climb. They continue to commit themselves to make opportunities for the word to get out. This concert was one of those opportunities. They haven't forgotten about the 18 women who will be brought out of sexual slavery into freedom through the funds raised for International Justice Mission.

Visit their website and experience their story.

Then take some time to discover your mountain top experience and how God can move in you to bring forth his hope and freedom to the world.

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