Friday, October 2, 2009

Call, Equip and Send

Our Arbors Family Missio Community is exploring Luke 5-10 as Jesus takes his disciples through a clear process of call, equip and send.

Sunday we divided into 6 groups and each group explored a chapter, discovering whether it's emphasis is call, equip or send. The children were all insightful in their answers, I think that at least child from each group answered.

Anika, who is 1o years old, brought up call, equip and send at her family dinner table last night. She is the one that is planning to give her birthday away and host a Children of the Nations Food Assembly (

She had been thinking about how she could follow Jesus in her own life.
She said, "I've been called to hold a food assembly for my birthday. Then, Jesus equipped me by providing the "Give My Birthday Away" website (a divine connection from a man who set it up to give his birthday away for Children of the Nations too!), and then I am sent to go do it."

I didn't need anything else to have a great day than this wonderful story. How can life get much better when families gather and our children take what they are learning and live them out in such practical, but life changing, ways?

Anika, I hope I am invited to your birthday party, as I would love to participate in your helping live out your calling!


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