Friday, October 9, 2009

Healing Prayer Training Ripples

I woke up so excited today because tonight we start our three weekend healing prayer training!

As I think back on my life leading up to this point; I realize that God has done many amazing miracles along the way.

Before I even moved to Seattle, I sensed the Lord wanted me to start a healing prayer ministry. This was humorous as I had never experienced a healing prayer ministry and knew next to nothing about what it took to start one, let alone lead it.

But, I didn't forget the call and started to work on it. I assembled three people, very mature in their faith and we started to develop one. After one year, two of the people moved away and one left our church to go to a different one.

So, I thought, "Great God, now what am I going to do?"

Well, a wonderful woman named Carra Lee, kept asking me when we were going to start a healing prayer ministry. I asked her to talk to people and we set two dates one summer to pray. About 12 people came to those and we asked God to move in us to bring this to reality.

Meanwhile, I kept researching curriculum's and my senior pastor kept rejecting them. I ended up meeting a man named Bill Voswig, who has been doing healing prayer training for 40 years in the Lutheran denomination. I asked him to come do our training, but he said no.

He did, however, tell me that he would mentor me to lead the training.

So, I met with him once a month for about 9 months. He taught me how to pray and did a lot of prayer for me. A ripple.

I ended up writing a curriculum. I didn't even read a ton of books, I just started studying the Bible and learning from what Jesus did. Did you know that Jesus tells us in Luke 9:1-2 that "he has given us his power and authority to cast out demons, cure diseases, proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick?"

We are all called to pray for healing as we walk as Jesus' disciples!

We held our first training weekend, a good friend of mine from Denver, Terri Parzybok, (see Living Free Ministries on our website) came to train us on physical healing. I was really pleased that 13 people were registered. But, you know what! By the end of the weekend, 35 people attended.

Wow, we started the very next weekend, with 20 people. I told them my expectations. There would be homework, Scripture memory and they needed to be present weekly so they didn't miss any of the training.

I expected half to bolt. No, more people came the next week.

Now we are four years down the road, part of Missio Lux as a foundational ministry of healing, and understand that part of our call is to equip the saints of God to move in healing too.

I can't wait to see what happens this weekend, as God has been the God of surprises all along the way, and I know he has some big surprises in store for us as we step into this new place of training and equipping!

If you are interested in coming: see for healing prayer.

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