Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Irena Sendler: One of God's Heroes

I blogged a few months ago about Irena Sendler. she was a very courageous woman who in World War 2, went into the Warsaw Ghetto and helped smuggle children out of it through took boxes, suitcases and sometimes even a coffin. She had a dog in her vehicle that would bark very loud at the soldiers, so they never heard the noise of the children.

Irena saved at least 2,500 children. She was eventually caught and beaten to the point where both her legs and arms were broken. She must have known each time that she crossed the check points the danger that she was under, but the lives of the children were more important to her than her own safety.

She also was smart. She kept the names of the children and families buried in a jar in her backyard so that when the war was over, she reunited as many families as she could. Most parents had been killed, however, so she helped the children get in foster homes or adopted.

Irena Sendler died recently. Heaven celebrated what earth mourns. I am grateful for Irena's story and hope that if I am confronted with a similar situation, I will act with the same courage that she displayed. I often wonder if I will.

How about you?

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