Saturday, October 17, 2009

Covenant World Relief

I just got a mailing from Covenant World Relief. I can remember so many Thanksgiving Eve Services where my family would take our CWR soup can turned bank to the front of the church to give to those that are suffering around the world.

Turning in our banks was one of the most joyful acts of giving that I have all year long. I would always put spare change in our bank, all the cash found in the laundry (which can add up!) and then our kids would put their punishment money in the bank too! Our oldest daughter Heather got in trouble intentionally at times because she loved to put her money in the bank too! We would always add a generous check to our bank because we realized that the money went directly to those that needed in most in the world.

This year Missio Lux was a recepient of a Covenant World Relief grant. We received money to help fund the Seeds of Hope project in Kenya. Read my previous blog about our Sudanese child, Madit, who is directly benefiting from the bank offering collection each year.

CWR's new mission statement is "Loving, serving, and working together with the poor, the powerless, and the marginalized." I hope we will continue to have a long partnership with CWR because our hearts are aligned with their purpose and call. (

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