Sunday, August 2, 2009

Abide Time is Over for Me

I had a hard time watching the calendar turn from July to August.

July was my season of abiding that was intentionally set aside for reading/reflecting/writing/praying/planning and preparation.
I didn't hold any meetings in the month of July, except the evening times which were already designed for R and R: relationship and rest!

It was a great month: except for the HUGE heatwave that we experienced in Seattle which made writing rather a dream rather than a reality!

I have a much clearer understanding of how our times of abiding bring forth growth.

It was during my early morning reflections and prayer times that I discovered ways of connecting with Jesus that were new and invigorating to my faith.

I also did some important spiritual and generational housecleaning.

I connected some dots that are important to the future of Missio Lux that probably wouldn't have come to me if I hadn't had the time to just "be" listening, waiting, resting.

Bill and I went to pick blueberries, one of my desires for my month of abiding! Actually, I've gone picking 3 times because the blueberries are absolutely spectacular this season. As we were driving home, I thought to myself, "I feel like I have actually had summer this year!"

What does this mean for Missio Lux?

It means a more rested, ready leader for the next season of "fruit bearing ministry."

It means that we were obedient to what God wants for us in our seasonal rhythm of abide/bear fruit, setting a healthy DNA for our future.

It means I can't wait for God to surprise me with the wonderful work he did while I was abiding!

If you haven't tested the whole abide/bear fruit, I encourage you to do it.
First, because it's one of the 10 commandments: keep the Sabbath holy!
Second, because this is how God designed our bodies and we will operate best if we respect his plan for us.
Third, because as we do it, we are showing that we trust God--that we know we aren't "So Important" that life can go on without our continual presence and control.
Last, because I know that God surprises us with gifts when we take this step.

I will let you know what Missio Lux' surprises will be: but you surprise me with your stories of abide.

August, here I come!

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