Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ripple Continues

Tuesday night reminded me of why I am so passionate about leading Missio Lux.

The Healing Prayer Missio Community held another "Party with a Purpose" with Children of the Nations.

We didn't know exactly who was coming beyond the Healing Prayer MC but God always does his best work at surprises. They streamed through the door, coming from many different places: my neighborhood, those that I have walked beside closely and from a distance, so many teenagers--brought by grandparents, parents and friends, small children with their parents, friends of members of HP MC, over 40 people in total.

Not too many people knew each other at first, but this is the beauty of the Food Assemblies. By the time people walk out the door, they have accomplished a significant task together, they have connected in conversation through dinner, and they leave as friends.

We started out by taking people through the "What is a Billion Quiz?" This asks some specific questions to help people realize how significant it is that one billion people go to bed hungry every day. I saw the lightbulb go on for so many: parents, teens and children. This exposure alone is worth doing the food assemblies.

We must realize that we are privileged to be part of the 20% of the world that lives on more than $10 per day.

Then we moved out to the assemble the bags of food. Each bag holds 6 meals and costs just $1.50 to donate. We ended up paying for and assembling 3,400 meals, which translates to 567 bags of food, and 19 boxes to be shipped to Sierra Leone. This brings our Missio Lux goal of 40,000 meals closer, as we are now at 19,500 with 5 more "Parties with a Purpose" scheduled and several more ready to go!

After we served, we ate. Missio Lux always encourages a meal because Jesus invites us to the table and when we eat togeter, friendships form.

No one rushed off.

The teens seemed so happy; they thrive when they do something significant, it's actually the best gift we can give them. Some played frisbee, some sat together in conversation, three girls sat on our love seat and texted their friends!

The children played with our gentle giant, Nicki, the Bernese Mountain dog, or with our toys in the family room. Adults lingered.

Connections were made. Two people present are holding future "Parties with a Purpose," and they extended invites to many who were desiring to do this monthly! Emails addresses and phone numbers flew back and forth.

As I stood there and observed, I celebrated!

I knew that this is what Jesus loves; invitations into a home, a signficant way to serve, friendships formed. I almost felt like the ground was holy as I knew that what took place Tuesday evening is the Church. It's not a building, it's not a name, it's people gathering becoming friends and serving Jesus as he calls us to love and serve the poor.

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