Sunday, August 23, 2009

Camping and Hiking: Great Lessons for Missio Lux

My sister came to visit so the past few days have been filled with fun activities outside in some of the last summer days of Seattle.

We went camping together; just the two of us as no one else had the time off from work. We forgot or couldn't use a few things for our trip together: propane, flashlights, air pumps, but we had the tent!

Of course, it's a tent called "the Buchan Family Mansion" because it is big enough to sleep 10 people. April and I were working it out, trying to figure out just how those poles came together, but we were somewhat relieved when 3 of the campground hosts came over and offered to help. The Buchan Family Mansion Tent comes together with 5 rather than two people!

So, we had a tent.

We went inside to pump up our mattress. We had bought new batteries to make sure it would pump up nice and big for a good night's sleep in the tent. However, we forgot to make sure that the air pump would work. It didn't. Back to sleeping on the ground.

We made dinner but that came to a halt when the propane went out. We had another small tank connected to a lantern but realized that it probably didn't have too much propane left in it either. No light for dressing as we also left the flashlight at home on the "don't forget to bring list."

Breakfast was for one as the second propane tank went out half way through. No problem, we shared a pancake and two worked out fine for a "light camping breakfast."

As we worked our way through every challenge, I realized that life with Missio Lux is a lot like camping.

Advance, adjust.

Advance, adjust.

We make do with what we have, and when something is suddenly not available or gone or disappears, we adjust. We make do with what we have and find a way to make it work.

Missio Lux is in new territory, just as my sister and I were in camping.

We remembered so many fun trips that we took in our earlier family days that included tons of people: husbands, children, friends. But, this time it was us: and we made adjustments for the difference.

It was good but different from what we knew!

Missio Lux is like that too. It is good, but it is different than what many people know. I find that when we aren't used to something being a certain way, it is easy for people to criticize it. However, everything that emerges and becomes a way of life starts with being new.

As we look towards our second year, it will be interesting to see how we advance and adjust with what we have. I look forward to the adventure, just as I relished the adventure of camping with my sister.

Tomorrow I will blog about Hiking: Great lessons for Missio Lux. See you then!

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