Friday, August 14, 2009

Birthday Presents

One of the gifts God has given me this past year is a shift in my thinking to believe that God loves to give us good gifts. I've always known it intellectually but this year I have lived it experiencially!

Today is my birthday! I woke up really early and popped out of bed because I was expectant for what God was going to do to make my day special. I am starting to live life out of this lense, of looking for his gifts and expecting to receive them. By doing this, I realize that I spent way too many years neglecting to look for his gifts, and by not looking, I missed them.

I haven't been disappointed. It's not yet noon, but already he has met me in big ways. First, he asked me: "What do you want for your birthday?" I spent some time dreaming and asking, all the while surrounded by a deep sense of his love for me.

I made an important phone call; got ahold of the person and received some invaluable leadership advice.

I got to speak to many members of my family: my beloved husband, traveling --working hard to support our family, my parents, my brother in law and nieces, my brother and newphew, and my sister. I was able to speak and hear God's grace in each conversation.

My children came first thing to say "Happy Birthday" with a hug and a kiss!

I have one last day with Molly before she goes back to North Park University.

I told my stressed out daughter who is trying to move to London to go to University College of London for graduate school and experiencing Visa obstacles, that my prayer for her is that she will know God is present with her as she sees him open doors for her. 10 minutes later she came back saying that she will have her visa in 5 days!

I know that many more birthday presents from God are on the way!

I have open eyes to see them and receive them today.

It's raining here in Seattle so here is one more request to add to my birthday list: Let the sun come out today so that when we go to watch the Mariners baseball team play and beat the New York Yankees, (okay, God that one may need to be a miracle....) we can all be together in baseball heaven!

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