Friday, August 28, 2009

It's All About Relationships, Part 5

One of the women in Missio Lux has a husband who is resistent to attending large worship services. She is going through an important transition that I believe makes Jesus very happy.

She used to leave her husband at home and come to church alone. As she has learned much from Missio Lux and the reality of the church really being God's people, she has made a transition that has been awesome for her marriage.

She now goes to coffee on Sunday mornings with her husband. They spend time together; reconnecting from their busy weeks, encouraging one another and pursuing a deeper relationship with one another.

Last week they ran into an old friend of theirs who asked them, "Where are you going to church now?" Instead of talking about their church, however, they answered her: "We are the church." This led to a conversation that gave the friend a glimpse into "relationship" rather than location.

After the friend left, the husband confided: "The closest church I have ever experienced was in my men's group. I was known there and knew that I had people around me that cared about me."

It's all about Relationships. Jesus pointed us to this over and over. I believe we are his best witnesses when we demonstrate true authentic relationships. This is what the world is truly longing to discover and experience.

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