Friday, August 7, 2009

Climb for Captives

One of our passions in Missio Lux is to see those who are in slavery freed. More people are enslaved today than at any other point in world history. It's time for human trafficking to stop!

Two Missio Luxers are not just sitting around wishing it would stop. They are putting their shoes where their hearts are: they are climbing Mt. Raineer next weekend. Scot and Kjel are part of a team who started a Climb for Captives tradition last year. The team last year set a goal of reaching $14,410, 1 dollar for every foot of mountain height!

This year the goal is much higher: they hope to raise $40,000! The money will go to carry out an ambitious project in the notorious red-light district of Mumbai, India which is aimed at:

Rescuing 18 victims of sex-trafficking
Securing their placement in safe aftercare facilities
Pursuing the arrest of their perpetrators
Protecting other vulnerable children by restraining the hand of specific oppressors and bringing individual perpetrators to justice. Pursuing perpetrator accountability also creates a strong deterrent effect for future abuses
Continuing the transformation of Mumbai through the development of the local justice system

Perhaps you would like to make a difference for human trafficking too! Here are some ways you can get involved:

Give a financial gift online:
Create an “I Support Picture”
Purchase Climb for Captives gear:
Follow the Climb for Captives blog:
Go 10x10! Give $10 (or more of course) yourself and commit to getting 10 people to give $10 and spread the word to 10 more people.

All this can be done by going to the Climb for Captives website: or click here

Next weekend Scot and Kjel won't be sitting around at home; they will be sitting on top of the world celebrating a momentous moment for God's justice at work!

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