Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doing Life Together: Our Missio Community Goes Camping

Last weekend our Arbors Missio Community went camping!

It was rather hectic pinning down who would actually show up and when and some families seemed a bit overwhelmed at first, but all in all, there is nothing like spending a weekend together to breakdown barriers and get to know one another!


Who loves the first look of someone staggering out of their tent after a very "bad" nights sleep.
Who loves to see who has the wildest bed head hair in the morning.
Who gets the dirtiest and smellist.
Who stays the cleanest and best smelling.
Who makes the biggest mess.
Who has the biggest tent, or the smallest tent for the most people!
Who takes the short hike, otherwise known as the flip flop hike, and who treks all across the wilderness.
Who has the dog that "flagilates" the most.
Who loves to stay up the latest and get up the earliest.
Who drinks coffee and who does not.
Who is the best camping cook.
Who gets the wetest doing the dishes.
Who can say "chubby bunnies" with the most marshmellows in their mouths.
Who forgets the most items for the campsite.
Who likes to get up in the middle of the night to "enjoy the scenery."
Who loves to change the telephone game around the campfire.
Who loves to put their stick in the campfire.
Who loves to collect wood for the fire....

It can go on and on. This is the stuff that authentic friendship is built on. We take off our masks, we admit our weaknesses, and we pick up a camping chair and scoot up to the fire.

Next summer I hope that many Missio Communities would make camping part of their yearly rhythm as we continue to make memories together!

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Laurie said...

I blogged about our camping trip today too!
Thanks for a fun weekend!!