Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Seattle Fans Rock!

I posted on my facebook Saturday that "Seattle Seahawks won the playoff game, it's the miracle of the new decade!"

It was a game like no other. Tensions were high because Seattle's season record is 7-9, they were the first team in NFl history to get a playoff bid with a LOSING record. They were playing the New Orleans Saints: last year's Superbowl winners. Just two weeks ago, fans were booing quarterback Matt Hassleback's playing and asking for his resignation. It didn't look good for Seattle to win. Many of us just hoped that we wouldn't have to end the game with our tail between our legs.

I don't normally watch football because most of it happens on Sundays. But, it was a Saturday afternoon and it was a great way to hangout with Bill and Molly so I sat down to watch the game. Sure enough, the Saints went ahead 10 points right away.

But, then something happened.

Matt Hassleback started throwing passes that his receivers caught. We went ahead. We continued to be ahead at half time. That in itself is a miracle, but it wasn't over.

In the fourth quarter a player named Marshown Lynch caught Hassbleback's pass and ran an incredible 67 yards for a touchdown. But, in the process, he had 8 people try to tackle him. He avoided them all. He looked like he had angels escorting him down the field because no one could get to him. He was so protected....
It almost felt supernatural at the time.

Yesterday the news came out that at the very moment that Lynch caught the pass, a mini-earthquake was recorded at the location of the old kingdome. It lasted for his entire run, from the moment that he caught it, until Lynch ran past the line for the touchdown.

The world is giving the fans credit for this tremer, pointing to the timing. But, what if, just what if, this tremer came because the supernatural realm showed up. What if angels really escorted Lynch the Hawk down the field?

What if God has a bigger purpose for this Seattle game?

What if he wants the world to experience a true show of David vs Goliath?

What if he wants to speak the parable of the underdog coming out with an amazing story of overcoming?

We often forget about the supernatural realm because we don't see it. However, I believe it is far more real than the world we currently live in because it is the place where God permanently dwells. I know that at times the two realms converge: look at the birth of Jesus and how many times angelic visitations and dreams and visions took place.

I am enjoying the expectancy of what is going to take place through Seattle's football playoff season. We may lose on Sunday and then it will all be over, except the delightful memory of the game against the Saints on Saturday.

On the other hand, we just may see one victory after another until we find ourselves at the Super Bowl ready to win! Let's wait and see.

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go hawks!