Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Huddle Hosts the Taster Meals

I was stressing about how the meals that we committed to make for the Taster would be prepared and served. I decided to pray about it and God gave me a brilliant answer! He showed me to ask one of my huddles; so I asked the Wednesday morning women's huddle.

One of the women was the organizer point person; another picked the menu and helped shopped; another made fabulous to die for desserts; a couple of others came to the Taster and prepared lunch.

When I left for the Taster on Tuesday morning, I had the supplies out for the "huddle caterers" to use. I didn't think of everything, but gave them invitation to use whatever they could find that was helpful.

When I walked into our home Tuesday evening, most of the guests had already arrived. It was a gift to see our house with candles burning, flowers strategically located, a station for drinks, and the counter full of delicious food presented in a tasteful way.

This is hospitality in action. These women in my huddle have been to our home so often that they feel almost as if it is their home. One of the guests saw one women open our refrigerator and it made an impression on the guest that she was so comfortable that she could open the frig to take what she needed.

I believe that hospitality is one of Jesus' most important gifts to the world right now. It takes us into a different space with one another and it leaves a lasting impression of being invited, included, welcomed and valued.

Thanks, Wednesday huddle for your terrific hospitality to the Taster!

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