Sunday, January 30, 2011

Missio Lux Missio: Dinner for the Marketplace

Scot Sustad: Giving his initial vision

Jeff Rogers from Kiros Walter: Leader of the One Institute Steve Cockram from 3dm

Thursday night was a picture of the opportunity that Missio Lux gives for everyone to live out their missio (mission), the unique kingdom role that God gives to all of us.

Last night, Scot assembled 30 marketplace leaders all together for a dinner. This dinner was the result of a vision that Scot had almost one year ago when the Lord showed him that he was to bring strategic leaders together to meet one another; learn from one another and to allow kingdom relationships begin to form.

Scot invited Jeff Rogers, head of Kiros Ministries in Seattle, a key connector for the Marketplace to speak. Jeff pointed to many in the room and spoke about their contribution, and then mentioned key national leaders who have come to Seattle because they have heard of the movement happening here. The movement is God's people, all of us, being used to break forth revival in our area.

Next Walter from the One Institute spoke. Walter spoke of a big disappointment in his life that God used to help birth the One Institute which helps identify and equip young entrepreneurial leaders to use their full gifts and talents for the kingdom.

Steve Cockram from 3dm spoke during dessert. He spoke about the triangle of information, imitation and innovation that takes place during discipleship. We have traditionally focused too much on information in the Church, but Jesus did all three: he taught, but he also called his disciples to "follow me and I will teach you through experience....imitation. As we discover our unique calling and style, we are able to innovate and put our unique mark on those that we are discipling.

Scot ended by inviting those present to join him in the discipleship journey by joining a huddle. He passed out gifts: two pictures of a harvest (with a challenge to give one away to someone that we are praying for), and a Building a Discipleship Culture book.

It was an amazing evening and I saw there in great pleasure as I watched the vision of Missio Lux move forward. It's great to spend our missio funds to help the poor, and Missio Lux has many who do that; but it's also a strategic use of funds to bring those that have the potential to use their financial and relational capital to mobilize others to participate in God's great kingdom purposes.

After Scot was finished making his invitation, a man from the boomer generation stood up and said that he had never seen such a thing happen. He noted that a 28 year old had assembled them all for a delicious dinner, good wine, gifts and a challenge to come into the adventure of discipleship. He blessed Scot by his great wisdom and maturity.

We ended the night by praying and blessing one another.

The Blessing Over Scot

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