Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Challenge of Language in a Dispersed Community

Missio Lux has several challenges in being a dispersed community. Language is one of the biggest challenges we face. Not only do we have several languages spoken in our missio communities with our locations in South Korea, Sudan and Kenya, and Holland, but we also have different cultures in the missio communities in Seattle.

One challenge surfaced this week when we sent out our prayer booklet. For some people the language was very familiar, for others, they were just lost.

Language determines worldview, so it is very important. One reason that we have aligned with 3dm is that they have developed Lifeshapes, a language of discipleship. They are shapes, so no matter what language people speak, they shapes grab you and help you hold onto the concept.

Just yesterday I was meeting with a woman who was speaking about abide: which means to rest and rejuvenate! She was making a rocking motion as the lifeshape of Abide and Bear Fruit is a semi circle that rocks back and forth between rest and work, or abide and bear fruit.

Any suggestions on briding the language gap would be greatly appreciated!

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