Saturday, January 8, 2011

Missio Lux Grows Up, or is it Deeper?

This morning we gathered for our full gathering for our week long prayer dedication for the new year. As I mentioned a couple of blogs ago, we have been fasting and praying since January 1st for Missio Lux and for our local community and world, for both the church and for the harvest of new members of God's family!

Yesterday word after word came that suddenly children had become sick, other plans came up, emergencies happened, so my expectation for today's attendance was low. (But my expectation for what God was going to do amongst us was NOT low!)

God surprised me with a great number of people, and the faith that they brought far surpassed the number in the room. In fact, a new couple came and at the end, the man thanked God for bringing him to a community of people who prayed with great faith.

I was so happy. I have been able to watch Missio Lux grow into passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. We do have great faith and we are starting to pray for great big things in our prayers!

And, the love that we share for one another is increasing. Our unity is building, especially as we realize that we have brothers and sisters in 4 continents....and that we were ALL PRAYING!

When we keep it simple, God does great things. One word that he has brought over and over to us this week, and in many different ways, is that this year is a year of Rest! We don't need to stive or even battle for the breakthroughs, that the Lord has this covered. Our role is to stand firm and let God bring the victories.

I am looking forward to this....

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