Friday, January 14, 2011

Missio Lux Celebrates Martin Luther's Dream of Freedom

This weekend, we won't be doing a march for Freedom Monday to celebrate Martin Luther King's call to live in freedom; but we will be making a way for people to live in freedom two different ways!

Monday, Celebrate Recovery celebrates its third anniversary. Before Missio Lux was even launched from Pine Lake, Celebrate Recovery launched (as a joint ministry between Missio Lux and Pine Lake)!

We specifically chose to start on MLK day because of the symbolism that it represents. CR is all about walking alongside people in their hurts, habits and hang-ups to bring them to the freedom that Jesus died to give us.

Our stories of freedom in CR are many.

One woman, after finding Jesus and safety in her community, took a step when she realized how much her drinking had overtaken her life. She started attending CR and with the help of a sponsor and the support of CR, she is now living a life without alcohol but with the most lifegiving drink there is: Jesus.

Missio Lux has two core foundational ministries: Recovery and Healing Prayer. We believe that when people hit roadblocks in their lives, two of the best ways to move through the roadblocks are with healing prayer and/or recovery.

This weekend, Missio Lux is hosting the second weekend in our Healing Prayer Training: Emotional Healing. It's very exciting that this training finds people traveling from Helena, MT, Denver, and Mt. Vernon, WA.

The synergy of people that God has gathered is one that will be very good for the kingdom!

One of the attendees is Terri Parzybok, leader of Living Free Ministries, our sister healing ministry in Denver. Terri is a very gifted teacher, and under her leadership, LFM is thriving as they see people healed weekly. In their healing, they are becoming free and passionate about Jesus.

I am looking forward to this weekend so much as I recognize that we are intentionally supporting people to live in the reality of John 8:32: "and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!"

Freedom. Jesus died for us to have it. Let's seek to live in the gift that is available to us.

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