Friday, January 28, 2011

Celebrating the 3dm Taster

It was a gift to see it all come together. Picking Steve Cockram up at the airport; praying together before the Taster as a team, watching the expectant guests come through the door. It was worth all the effort it took to bring it to this point.

One of the best gifts of 3dm is their ability to take the Bible and make the concepts from it simple to remember. They say that the Bible is simple, but hard. Simple to learn, but hard to live out. We have made the Bible seem complex but easy.

Understanding the Bible from the lense of covenant relationships and kingdom partnerships helps us to know that God values us as his children and as his kingdom partners. We also realize that Jesus only spoke the word "church" two times in all of the Gospels. One time in regards to church discipline and the other when he told Peter that he is the rock on which he would build his church.

But, from start to finish, Jesus invited, he trained and equipped, and he sent his disciples. Jesus spent the majority of his time investing in 12 ordinary men; recognizing that his imprint on them would multiply to the ends of the earth.

Jesus also spoke the culture of the day. He told stories in themes that people could relate to. We don't live in an oral culture any longer; everything is visual.

As we take the simple themes of Scripture and match them to shapes; they come alive.

I saw the lightbulbs go on over and over through the Taster as we explored the Dual Triangles of Covenant and Kingdom, the Learning Circle for processing what God is saying to us and how we are responding, the Triangle which illustrates a balanced life, the semi-circle which points us to the rhythm of rest and work and the grid of invitation and challenge.

The next step for those that attended the Taster is to be invited into a huddle for coaching, and to join a Learning Community. Please pray for Missio Lux as we determine how God is moving us to engage our next step!

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