Friday, January 21, 2011

Freedom Goes Forth

I blogged last week about the past weekend: we had signficant events in two of our foundational ministries: Healing and Recovery.

When I woke up Friday morning, I had the same level of anticipation that I had on Christmas morning when I was a child. I knew that the coming weekend would be a gift. Friday night the Healing Prayer Training, Weekend 2 took place: Unlocking the Key of Emotional and Inner Healing.

Part of the joy for the weekend was the combination of the people that were assembling for the training: my dear friend, Terri Parzybok from Living Free Ministries, our sister healing ministry in Denver was flying in with her friend, Terri who is part of the leadership team for LFM.

Several women were driving in from Helena, MT where Muffie and I did a women's retreat in October. The team from Mt. Vernon came down in mass, ready to be healed and to learn to be a healer of others.

Others who are from Seattle came in with the same look of expectancy that I woke up with earlier that morning. We knew that the Lord was going to be present with us and that he would touch us in ways that go beyond our normal experience. The faith in the room was already really high in expectancy of the Lord's healing power flowing forth, because everyone had experienced it at least once before.

I love what happens when we assemble in an atmosphere of faith. It's such a privilege for me to be able to teach about healing when it seems that everyone is like a little bird with their mouth propped open to drink it all in.

It was over too soon. When we stood in the circle at the end Saturday afternoon and lit our candles (representing that we are missio lux: a mission of light to the world), and told what we were leaving behind and what we were taking with one seemed ready to leave.

But, we knew we must leave because we only get to keep what we give away. We have a mission to go and help others stand in the freedom that we have received.

Sunday, despite it being the exact time of the Seahawks playoff game, we had a housefull of people ready to hear teaching from Terri Parzybok from Living Free Ministries. She helped all of us, myself included, pray in greater faith for physical healing. I kept getting texts through the morning of people that had physical needs so we were able to bring those requests and many others to the Lord for his healing power to be released.

I have some friends who have a baby that was born very prematurely. Her name is Svea Lucia. Lucia means "light" in Swedish. That morning the drs. determined that she was coming down with pneomonia. We stood and prayed and proclaimed the truth that Jesus is the healer, that by his stripes we are healed (Is 53). Right after we did this and I was texting the family about our prayer, the sun burst through the heavy cloud cover, shined right in the room for about 1 minute and then disappeared again.

I later got a text from Svea's parents that the temperature was down and that there were no signs of the infection!

The weekend ended with the Martin Luther King holiday celebrating Celebrate Recovery's 3 year anniversary. We ate a delightful meal while I looked around the room and saw a lot of men, and some women, who were sitting together eating as meaningful friends, because they have walked out their recovery together. They are finding freedom as they look towards God and teh support of one another to live a lifestyle like Jesus and 12 steps.

When the large group time started, we worshipped to the original music of the Rag Band who have faithfully come each week for 3 years to bring worship to CR, and then three of the key leaders gave testimonies. They were full of pain becoming freedom as they took intentional steps towards freedom.

Intentionality is the key word. Everything that took place last weekend was people "INTENTIONALLY" gathering to pursue that which Jesus died for and promised to us "If we continue as his disciples, we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free."

The "if" is our part. If we continue to pursue Jesus and his truth, we will live in freedom. It's a partnership with him: we intentionally come seeking his truth and healing, and he comes and brings healing and freedom.

It was a good weekend....I am grateful to be part of all of it.

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