Saturday, June 26, 2010

Scot Goes to the One Institute

Scot is the man on the left. He is next to Dave; this picture was taken at the Learning Community with 3dm in May.
Scot is a 20 something entrepreneur who started a business with his partner Reuben called "Adventure Teaching" in South Korea.
They recruit and hire teachers to come and teach English in South Korea. They also just recently opened a store called "The Arrival Store" which helps supply the new recruits with everything they need to set up home in a new country: coffee pots, cell phones, sheets, etc. Check it out!
But, this week, Scot isn't think about hiring teachers or selling coffee pots, he is one of the 33 invited guests to the One Institute in Phoenix. The One Institute brings together young entrepreneurs from business, health care, education, the church, government, media and the family to connect with one another to develop new enterprises which will help strengthen the ability for Jesus followers to make an impact into the world.
This was a huge invitation for Scot to receive. He got a phone call from one of the One Institute leaders who told him this story: "You weren't originally on the list. But, I couldn't sleep for two nights because I knew there were people that we had skipped over that needed to be present at our One Institute week. When I got to your name, I knew you were important to have present."
Scot has had many people speak over his life telling him that God has a great plan for him. He originally thought that he was called to be a pastor and go to seminary, but now understands that he can make an even bigger impact by using his entrepreneurial skills and gifts to be a light present in the marketplace. He knows that the profits he makes can be re-invested to live out kingdom ministry.
Missio Lux celebrates anyone who understands that their life in the secular world is valuable to God's kingdom. As we recognize the reality that we are "missio lux" missions of light, we can give those valuable areas of our make up to help bring creative solutions to challenges that keep people in poverty, hopelessness, and brokenness.
Scot has a very bright future ahead of him in two ways: he will succeed at whatever he does because he has integrity, character, imagination , adventure and determination, but even more, he is filled with the bright light of Jesus which shines wherever he is.

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