Monday, June 28, 2010

Missio Lux goes on Vacation

Mike and Kim are part of the Arbors Missio Commuity. They just returned from a family vacation in Hawaii. Interestingly, they found that they had a "missio lux" (mission of light) assignment from the Lord on their trip.

Kim was surprised the first day on the beach when she felt an overwhelming need to pray. She took the tools that she has learned through Misiso Lux of calling forth the presence and power of Jesus, binding and loosing, and calling for the Kingdom of God and harvest to come to answer God's call to pray.

After she had prayed, the aggitation and uneasiness that she had been feeling completely went away. Peace came instead. The next day they tried to come back to the same beach, but were prevented, so they drove to the next beach instead.

She felt the aggitation again and after a time realized that she was being called to pray again. She did the same binding and loosing, calling for the Kingdom to come from heaven to earth. Peace came instantly.

The process continued for all 7 days they were in Hawaii. They went to a different beach everyday as they began to understand that they had a specific assignment to live kingdom, even as they found themselves on vacation in the midst of paradise.

I smile as I hear this story. I am coming to know the Jesus on the beach (after the resurrection) who is able to give us abudance and at the same time still call us to minister right where we are at the moment.

I wonder what the changes will be on those beaches. I wonder if the change in atmosphere will bring long term difference to the island. One thing is for sure: Kim fulfilled her heavenly assignment in a way that worked in her life and brought tremendous meaning to an already amazing vacation.

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