Friday, June 11, 2010

13 Healing Prayer Ministers Comissioned at Sunday Celebration

Our Celebration Sunday was a highlight for many in Missio Lux because we commissioned 13 new Healing Prayer Ministers for the Healing Prayer Missio Community.

These 13 completed the four weekend training throughout this year which covered all areas of healing: physical, emotional and spiritual. We also added a weekend to help integrate all three areas and to give more opportunity for the emerging prayer ministers to receive prayer and to give prayer.

One of the gifts of Missio Lux' structure is that we are not geographically bound. We are able to commission one woman who lives an hour and a half north of Seattle because she is using her new skill in her sphere of influence and faith community. She is able to stay connected to our ministry through facebook, emails, and the website. She is so drawn too by what is happening that she has made the trek down 1-5 to join us on several occasions.

One woman who was commissioned is preparing to start a daytime training next year. She has a heart for women who have more time during the day while their kids are in school than at night, which is when our current team meets.

Living kingdom means that we recognize that every day is an opportunity to help share what we have already experienced in getting free. And, I am convinced that when we walk in the freedom that Jesus purchased for us through his sacrifice and resurrection, this is the area that makes us live into the sweet spot of life and gives the world a reason to "like what they see" (the Message, Acts 2).

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