Friday, June 4, 2010

Processing today's 3dm Huddle

Today I huddled with Steve Cockram, one of the leaders of 3dm Learning Communities that Missio Lux is part of. Our weekly huddle includes other ministry leaders around the US, including one leader who just uprooted his family to go across country to South Carolina to join the 3dm team.

Every week we have a specific topic and today the topic was Next Steps in the 3dm process. So far, out of the 3 retreats that we have attended, we have covered the topics of Building a Discipleship Culture, Training and Equipping Missional Leaders, and Launching Missio Communities.

Our Learning Community team leaves for the fourth retreat in November where the topic will be "Establishing Missio Outposts."

The idea is that once leaders are trained and they carry an obvious anointing from the Lord to lead ministry then discovering where God is specifically working and joining him in it is the next step. These become missio outposts.

These missional outposts can be anywhere God is obviously at work. The possibilities are endless.

The final step after we have built disciples who are passionate about Jesus and identified leaders who will be faithful to follow Jesus in ministry through establishing missio community which can evolve into a specific strategy in establishing missio centers, then we can truly multiply who we are and what we are doing through launching our Learning Communities.

Bringing people together with like minds, passion and vision, as well as vehicle and vocabularly enable us to exponentially multiply what God can do as we learn from one another in a relational setting.

One of the men in our huddle today said, "I am part of a mainline denomination and I don't see any area of accountability for leaders to intentionally live missionally. And, those who desire to often struggle because they don't have the 'vehicle' (structure) or the 'relational support' to do it. So, the good idea stays right there, as a good idea."

The weekly huddle has turned out to be one of the most important hours of my week. I am learning and growing in a relationship of high accountability and high support. I am being held accountable to truly walk out my life in the way Jesus teaches but I am also developing good friendships with those that are a bit ahead and can encourage my journey.

Once again, can't wait to see what Jesus is going to do next through me and in Missio Lux

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