Monday, June 14, 2010

Laurie Goes to Bakke Graduate University

Laurie is a Missio Lux leader who has been in seminary for the past two years, but a just a few weeks ago, her educational pursuit took a major turn in a very quick way.

Laurie attended the 3dm Learning Community ( in South Carolina with our team the beginning in May. She met Alan Hirsch and asked his opinion for the direction her educational steps should take. He encouraged her to look into the Bakke Graduate University to think about getting a doctor of ministry in Global Leadership, instead of a traditional MDiv degree.

A couple of weeks after Laurie got home, God showed up and literally parted the waters for Laurie to make the transition. She was fasting one day as she asked God to give her direction and when she called Bakke, they encouraged her to join the 2 week intensive that was starting just 10 days later. If she didn't start with the intensive, she would have to wait until June 2011 to begin.

She has children in school, so she took a chance and called her parents to see if they could come on short notice to be with the kids. They could. Her husband gave her a thumbs up of support. She already had the money for this beginning sesson as the Lord had provided it earlier. Nothing stood in her way.

As Laurie researched the program she discovered what a great fit it would be with her work in Missio Lux. Everything she does for the program is connected to the ministry that she is currently leading, so it will have direct application. They require a Learning Community to support each student, so many of us in Missio Lux will be able to be part of Laurie's Learning Community to both support her and to learn the applications and growth she is experiencing.

I see the need for education to move this way. It needs to be relationally connected so that personal growth and encouragement are an integral part of the process. It needs to be contextulized for the person, where they are. planted and how God is working. Direct application takes the learning from head knowledge into a place of full integration.

Laurie is being immersed right now as I write, getting close to finishing her grueling first week before she has Sunday off and then starts a second week. Please offer up a prayer for her journey and give thanks for how God directly intervened to show her the way.

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Marianne said...

Congratulations Laurie!!! I love watching God work in your life!!