Saturday, June 5, 2010

It Takes a Family

Missio Lux loves to help one another. We are developing a network of skills that people are good at and we are asking one another to help out.

Take this afternoon for example: I had a revolving door as Chas left. Chas is one of Missio Lux' Celebrate Recovery leaders, but he is also an amazing painter! He has been painting our house for a few weeks in his spare time. So, as he left for lunch, Diana came to help me organize our house.

Diana is an organizer extraordinare! Peaceseekers Missio Community donated some money for Diana to come and help me organize my office and garage from all the Missio Lux stuff we accumulate--one of the joys of living as tabernacle and not as a temple in a permanent space!

Right after Diana arrived, Lance came with food for our Celebration Sunday. Lance is an amazing cook so he made the main dish for 100 people. He loves to do it; especially because Bill and I share a bottle of our homemade wine with him when he brings food!

So, I realized with all the comings and goings what a gift it is to have each one of these people in my life as well as to share a common way of living: inviting one another into our lives and sharing those valuable gifts that we have in our hands with one another!

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