Sunday, June 20, 2010

Celebrate Recovery Concert by the Rag Band

Celebrate Recovery (jointly led by Missio Lux and Pine Lake Covenant Church) Monday night was a bit different than our regular format. The Rag Band, just put out their second CD entitled "In Jesus' Name We Play."

They held a concert to celebrate their CD release and to play their new music. All the music has been written by the band leader, Jay Boone, and it is excellent: both in their musical ability and also in their message of how God loves us and is present with us through recovery.

I find myself in awe of this band. Yes, it is great music but even better is the lifestyle that I see these men walk. They are committed to following Jesus and to walking the recovery lifestyle. They are so faithful to Celebrate Recovery: playing almost every week since CR started almost 2 1/2 years ago. Their enthusiasm for life, music, relationships and recovery is contagious; they make coming to CR a lot of fun.

Missio Lux is hosting a Concert in the Park for the Rag Band Sunday, July 11th at Beaverlake Park in Sammamish, WA in following our "Summer Fun in the Sun" theme for the summer. We will have a picnic together, followed by their concert.
Sticking with our 3 values of Knowing God, Loving One Another, and Serving the World, the Rag Band has chosen a "missio" to support through the procedes of their CD. They are supporting a woman named Jean McCallister who several years ago, packed up her belongings, sold most of them and took off for Rwanda to make an impact on the world. She meets weekly with at risk teenagers in a parking lot for Bible Study. Through their time together, they have prayed about starting a donut shop to provide employment for these young men who long to have meaningful work.

Hope to see you there! If you are interested in obtaining a copy of their CD and making a contribution to their missio project, leave a comment!

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Laurie said...

We need to get them in touch with New Horizons and the Street Bean Coffee Shop they started to provide employment for kids on the street.