Friday, June 25, 2010

Learning to "Walk" in Faith

I saw a man hobble into the Healing Prayer Worship Service Tuesday night. He was hunched over and shuffled his feet. It seemed that he could barely walk.

However, I learned differently at the conclusion of the service. He came forward to meet me and we began to talk about his current life. He has Lou Gherigs Diesease. He is unable to work, care for his 3 year old son, and his wife just left him for another man.

These are not circumstances that most of us would consider a good life.

However, I was moved by what I heard him say. He doesn't blame his wife; he knows that it has been hard on her. He is moving soon to live up north so that he can live with his mother. He sees that God heals and believes that he will be moving one day as a healing prayer minister. He knows that God has already healed his spirit and his emotions, and that one day his body will be healed too.

He spends his day listening to Scripture because it is now hard for him to read. He is getting so much life through his engagement of the Bible that he seems almost unable to focus on the hardships that he is walking through.

I have been reflecting this week on what is a faithful "walk" of faith. I can walk miles at a time at even a rather fast pace. However, my walk seems to pale in comparison to my new friend who has to push his feet along to get anywhere because his walk is in a life of faith that resembles the people mentioned in Hebrews 11.

We prayed for our new friend one more time before he left. When I was praying I saw the picture of a catapiller which transformed into a butterfly. It is my hope that this was a sign that his body will begin to fly on earth, but even if it doesn't, I know he has experienced the most improtant healing: salvation and peace despite a whirlwind storm of circumstances.

I can only pray that if I encounter difficulty that even comes close to resembling his that I can "walk" out my faith like he has modeled.

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