Thursday, February 4, 2010

Amazing Colorado Missio Lux Adventures, Part 1

I just returned from 11 days in Colorado. It was a mixture of 3 focuses: Covenant Midwinter Pastor's Conference, ministry for Missio Lux, and time with family and friends since I am from Denver and we lived there for 18 years before moving to Seattle.

So much happened during my time in Denver that I am going to blog about it a few times. This is a bigger picture of how God is working in Missio Lux shining his light in many different places.

One of the first things that I did was gather some intercessors who are longtime friends for a time of blessing, update and connection. It was so thrilling for me to go around the room and speak to each person a blessing about how God used them in very specific parts of my life. One woman said that when I was four years old and wearing a yellow dress in church, God spoke to her and told her to "Pray for that one." She has prayed for me my whole life. What an awesome gift she is to me.

Another woman mentored me in seminary. She knew that she was supposed to come over one day as I neared the end of seminary and anoint me. I remember it so well. I was wearing an ugly purple jogging suit and we were sitting in my kitchen. She brought out an entire bottle of oil and poured it over my head. It was a life changing experience to receive such an overflowing (literally) anointing.....I still have that purple jogging suit, I haven't ever worn it since, it feels too holy.

Two women present were friends that I met six months before I left Denver. Their names are Terri and Holly and they are some of my dearest friends I have today. The reason: we are kindred spirits in our love for Jesus. God has used us to minister to his people in amazing ways, and he is still connecting us for lifechanging ministry through Holy Spirit.

I will treasure that Sunday afternoon gathering for a long time, just as I cherish the women that came to be blessed for their significant blessing in my life.

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