Thursday, February 18, 2010

God's Family Expands this Week with the Old and the Young

This week God has surprised us with giving us the privilege of ushering in two new members of his family.

This is how it happened!

Monday night, the Healing Prayer Team was at the worship and healing service they lead each month at the local nursing home. One of the Healing Prayer members, Dave, read a passage from Rev 20 about the hope of heaven. One very old woman responded, "I want to live in a place like that." So, when she heard that she could follow Jesus and make heaven her home for eternity, she invited him into her life on the spot!

Last night Missio Lux held an Ash Wednesday Service. It turned out to be a rather eclectic group which included a family that we are just getting to know. They have 3 children, the youngest is a 5 year old girl. She was shy about getting the ashes put on her forehead, so I told her that if she changed her mind after the service, I could still do it.

When it was over, I came over to talk to the family and her Mom said "She has many questions about communion." So we explained more about it and the little girl said, "I believe in Jesus. I believe it's true." She kept insisting that she believed and made the decision to invite him into her life--and then wanted to experience communion.

I just smiled when the night was over, as I realized that when we invite Jesus to come into the atmosphere and tell the simple truth of his Word and promises then we can expect to see God surprise us with many wonderful gifts; which include helping usher a very old woman and a very young child's names into the book of life!

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Carri said...

Tamra, this opened wonderful discussion in my home that evening. Her 6 year old brother asked great questions when we got home and I got to go over our discussion again. We prayed together and he also asked Jesus into his life that evening:o). When dad got home the kids had tons of information to tell him about what they had learned from you and their huge evening! God is good...